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to all of you unaware of whats to come
i'm gonna write it down to scream it out
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3rd-Apr-2009 01:47 am(no subject)
I think it's safe to say if he wanted to bother me, he would have done so by now.

New journal is th3beaker 

Enjoy. <3
Due to circumstances out of my control (ie; exes being creepers that just don't take a hint)..

I've reloctated..and obviously aren't going to repost the new link here. If you're interested in continuing friending this journal, Message me, I'll check the account for a while, or comment, and I'll friend you from the new journal. =]

xoxo, Brittany
1st-Dec-2008 11:59 pm - i'm [going to] be your number one...
So..as I checked my account for school today..and not only realized..damnit, my tuition was due today..I realized..wow..in approximately six months..I'll be a "college graduate".

It went from "Damn, I'm never going to graduate.." to "Wow, my program ends on May 12th"... Oh damn. These next five months are going to painful. But that weekend; we're celebrating! haha!

My college recap: I started as a Forensic Anthropology major. *blank stare* I switched to Criminal Justice. *blanker stare* .... I switched to Interior Design (each switch was a different semester...) I did ID for two semesters... Then decided I missed the Medic/Forensic classes. So I'm going to get my EMT training starting next month. And then; I'm done. And that's just hard to swallow. All that and I'm done. It's OVER. Hah.

But I've decided already, after I get the EMT training I'll be going back to school for Paramedics (which, is the "Masters" of being an EMT/Paramedic...apparently) and after that I'll probably go back and get my two-year RN training (which would be the equal to my "Doctorate" at that point of training...) So wow. Looking back at all that, I just can't believe I'll have my training in five months to actually go on and start a career. It seems insane. Just thoughts.

And I think I might have found a roommate. Which is super exciting. I found someone who's looking for a place in the same area at the same time I am..which makes me happy. =]

Anyway; tired..and having some chesty pains. So I'm going to bed.

Meanwhile..Look up the lyrics to "Number 1 (Tide is High)" [Rihanna and Kardinal Offishall] ... it's the summary of my life right now..haha.
25th-Nov-2008 02:26 pm - well you're so damn hot

So, work finally has got me on the schedule. I go from bitching about how I have two jobs and no hours, two having 72 hours to work before I get paid. x[

Exhaustion, is that you I smell? Oh right, I can't smell because my sinuses are being Onthafritz McGee again. *laugh* Oh well.

So, my schedule this week:
sat - 9a-4p
sun - 4p-830p
mon - off
tues - off
weds - 4p-9p
thurs- 5p-9p (thanksgiving)
fri- 5a-1p (black friday)

How AWESOME is that? I had dinner scheduled with my dad and his family Weds night at 6pm (Hmm, looks as though I'll be at work then now?...) and dinner with my mom's family at 6pm Thursday. Which got rescheduled to Friday anyway, because..oh yeah, my work schedule.. (couldn't remember, you don't know how exhausted I've been..)...so then we remember, my aunt is out of town (at the beach with her husband's family) my other aunt is going to Virginia with my Grandmother to visit ill family (they were going to go last weekend..but schedule conflict) so none of the family will actually BE here for Thanksgiving; so that just got pushed back to a whole different week. It's been hectic.

So to my knowledge now, I've got Thanksgiving lunch with my father tomorrow (without my sister, we're on opposite work schedules, I'm basically 2/3rd shift all week, she's 1/2nd) and she'll be doing dinner with them... and then Friday..the day we're BOTH off in the evening..we'll be dining with my mother. x[ Too much holiday stress. And I've got all ideas I'll be exhausted Friday (5am?!) but!!! My mom's got a Thanksgiving lunch with HER boyfriend's parents at 2pm..and I'm the only one who'll be here, so guess who'll be cooking? Oh boy. x[

Regardless, that just explains my exhaustion, I need to make a mental list (however, my mental is currently on exhaust overdrive -- so I'm needing to write this down) so you may disregard the rest of this post... it's to keep me from going crazy; because I'm fairly confident I can't lose a livejournal document. *Iaugh*

Need to do!
  • Make grocery list for Friday
  • Complete Christmas List
  • Ship Textbooks by Friday

Oh man, I know there's more, I just can't think right now!!! Awful awful awful. =[

In exciting news, I've scheduled my appointment to get my first tattoo! =] More to come on that.

So, I plan to do a little updating. A little catching up. Possibly a layout change. =]

Not too much is going on, preparing for the upcoming holidays, etc etc. Life's pretty good. Can't complain too much! =]

 Updating a little on my list of progression....


Health and Beauty:
1. Maintain neat eyebrows [well, I wanted to wax once then maintain, has yet to happen]
2. Replace highlights [Got my hair cut and made investments in straightening tools; hair looks great]
3. Clean out makeup cabinet; update products [did it!] 
4. Routinely trim hair [did it!]
5. Maintain a workout/jogging schedule [eh. i try to take the stairs instead of the elevator]

House and Home: 
6. Rent an apartment [Will be doing so in may]
7. Buy more matching sheets [not yet. maybe for christmas?]
8. Purchase more "grown up" clothes [again, no major purchases]
9. Do laundry weekly; keep clothes up! [did it!]
10. Keep dishes out of sink [Did it!]
11. Keep dishes in KITCHEN/DINING area [Double did it!]

Money and Debts:
12. Pay off BOA Visa [Work in progress]
13. Pay off BBT Visa [Again, WIP]
14. Pay car taxes [Definately did it!]
15. Pay off gym membership [It's next on the list]
16. Get ahead on car insurance  [Check!]
17. Get a fulltime job [I have two jobs, no hours *frown*]
18. Pay for school [Doing it!]

Out of the House: 
19. Get L-I-T certification [Not offered yet]
20. Volunteer with Scouts [Cookie season is coming!]
21. Spend time with Dad [Just got home from the hospital!]
22. Visit family in Goldsboro for holidays [Holidays are coming..]
23. Roadtrip with friends out of the Carolinas [Kinda. Went to Boone last month...]
24. Revisit hotel from Valentine's Day [Too cold right now]

25. Complete classes for school [Yep.]
26. Declare major [In school to be an EMT..then off to Paramedic school!]
27. Resell textbooks (doorstops) [All are listed, waiting to be purchased]
28. Raise GPA [hah.]

Books and Movies:
29. Purchase "Beauty and the Beast" (DVD) [Christmas, perhaps]
30. Purchase "How I Met Your Mother" series [Have successfully caught up.]
31. Finish reading "Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants" series [Working on it]
32. Finish the Boylen Girls series [Done!]

All in all, still needs some work, but I've made movements forwards =]

27th-Oct-2008 02:31 pm - in your black, black heart..

I'm deathly sick right now...but have oh so much to post.

I want to do a season re-cap on my Scaro-08 season; and get opinions. However, I can't keep my head up quite yet long enough...and typing is a vast amount of seemingly wasted energy.

Hopefully later tonight.


17th-Oct-2008 02:14 am - we are riding..on a camel..
Life's been pretty awesome lately. I can't complain. I finally got my car tax paid off. =]

Meanwhile..this morning Britt Lynch sends me a text...which made me chuckle.

"If we woke up naked together, using only three words, what would you say? Text me back and pass it along..."

So. I don't usually partake in things like this. But knowing the people I know, this was too good to pass up.

The responces I got:
-"OH! My damn!"
-"Well, THAT'S interesting."
-"That was fun!"
-"Idk, honestly."
-"Ughhhh! Damn vagina!"
-"I was good!"
-"That was amazing."

Mind you, none of these people have actually ever slept with me. =] I'm honored. I think my favorites were "Ugghh, damn vagina" and "I was good" (hahaha).

Alas, tonight Megan and I ventured out to BAR charlotte for a night out of man-hating (which is hard to do when you're not manhating)... and we rode the bull. And we fell off. HARD. and yeah. the ass, it hurts. xp

So now, I'm going to attempt to go to bed. Sore ass and all.

"Which bothers you because making out with you is supposed to be some life-changing experience"
-Wallace Fennell; "Debasement Tapes, Veronica Mars"

The more you read, get to know me, et cetera.. the more you'll notice if a lyric, quote, and so on fits my situation to the well.. extreme, then I must forfront my post with it. =] And in this situation, Wallace spoke poetically.  Alas dear readers. =]

It's been a good week. Sort-of. I got paid last Friday; what an exciting day that was. *snoopy dance*  Of course, half my check went to credit card bills (see, I'm doing good on my list!) and then the rest went into my bank account to hold me over 'til next payday. So Saturday I get in my car. Mind you, my car is an '03. Like really, stuff shouldn't be falling off.  I go to reverse, and notice the rearview mirror was dangling by the wires connected to the lights.

>_< what the ella of frell?

So, I had to be at Scarowinds like an hour later (I try to be lazy on Saturdays because I basically work 4pm-1am, then we usually go out 'til 4am..)  So, I'm realizing this as I need to be leaving FOR work. So after attempting to ducttape my mirror up (which btw, found something ducttape DOESNT fix)... I finally got pissed off..put it in a mesh bag, and safetypinned it to the roof of my car.  And have yet to fix it.

Anyway, my week goes great. I get a call from my Master of Mayhem (that's what they're calling our maze managers this year; if you only knew how much mayhem there was! lol...) and basically I'm on for Howl-o-Fest too.. (That's our Day-park for kids, they do trick-o-treating from 2-4, they've got a pumpkin patch, a hay maze, etc..I'm not sure what role in this I play yet...) haha. But I had to go get khakis and a white polo...and i ended up getting shoes (*waves goodbye to my paycheck as i filled up my gastank one last time for this check..but gas was 3.49....it was AWESOME...)  So I start howl-o-fest Saturday. =] exciting!

Anyway. I must clean up my room. And do my Scaro-Laundry. Otherwise, there'll be a funky scarecrow. Actually, to my knowledge, we're supposed to get rain through Friday, so I might be in another maze Friday night......hmm.

Must investigate matters further. =]
7th-Oct-2008 04:33 pm(no subject)

The hunt for the Scarecrow continues. But as of now, my collection consists of... (in order of having collected, not in order of my love for them)
>The Wizard of Oz
     >The Wizard
     >The Wicked Witch
     >The Lollipop Munchkin
     >The Lion

And to my knowledge, I'll have three more today. I know I'm having McDonalds for dinner. I called my mom and asked her to pick my up a kids meal. =]

But enough about that. UGHHH work. haha. They drive me crazy. I'm officially "double" working Caro/Scaro, I just got my confirmation call. I'll basically be a good monster by day and a bad monster by night. (aka, working 10am-1am)..I just need to be reminded of that when i make plans to go out after scarowinds now. mmm.

so this weekend! renn fest! and zombie walk! pictures under cut!

will love to share more about it..but allergies askew and am exhausted x[ so will put in a movie and drift off.

will post the details later this evening.

picture this.Collapse )

3rd-Oct-2008 01:37 pm - There's no escaping....

Okay, as most of you know, I work at Scarowinds. =]

My maize is pretty obvious, and my position within is even more so, because, unless the new people are 5'2"..I'm the only person in there that's shorter than the maze. ;]

Anyway. Getting to the good part. After rehearsal last night, I stop by McDonalds to learn they're doing girl/boy toys again. Which is usually exciting. I don't remember what the boy toys were, but the girl-series was 'The Wizard of Oz'. Mind you, for happymeal toys - these were the scariest toys I've ever seen (I ended up with the Wizard...and his eyes open and close...he's downright terrifying... I've got a thing with those kind of dolls though)

So. We pull up to the drivethru. And I get excited because I wanted the SCARECROW. I'd hang him from my car. =] (Sick and twisted yes, but what an awesome decoration?) Anyway, we get to the window..and I'm all bouncy.. YAY SCARECROW toy. The nice woman at the window asks...

Windowwoman: "Girl or boy toy?"

My mother: "Scarecrow."

WW: "Excuse me?"

MM: *laughs* "Sorry. A Scarecrow, for her please."

WW: *laughs* "Ah, okay." *goes to get my toy*

....*opens my bag...sees demonic wizard* "What in the HELL?!"

So, granted, apparently the woman at McDonalds had a sick sense of humor too (as my mom said, obviously, that thing was so damn scary that it was okay to give to me, since there was less of a chance of traumatizing the 19 year old lol) and now I (and those near and dear that loooove me....*nudge nudge*) are on the hunt for the Scarecrow Toy. =]

It's like, Supersize Me. Just with Kids Meals. And instead of gaining weight, I'm looking for toy. TOY TOY TOY!

Sidenote: I'm x-posting this to my MySpace blog. and I sent a text to 17 people last night. "Go to mcdonalds - wizard of oz toys - i want the scarecrow!!!!!"

So with all the publicity i've given mcdonalds...i want my scarecrow.

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